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At the annual dinner of Chile’s Pro Bono Foundation, Senior Associate Daniela Buscaglia recives is awarded for her activity in Pro Bono Causes.
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BMAJ is an active participator in pro bono services. Our lawyers provide their time and expertise to those who have difficulty accessing the justice system, as well as non-profit organizations and various groups promoting collective public interest causes.

We are an original subscriber of the Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas signed in 2007 whereby various Chilean firms agreed to a provided a continually increasing amount of time and resources to pro bono matters. BMAJ is also an active member of the Chilean Pro Bono Foundation since is inception, and two of our senior partners are members of the board of directors.

Throughout 2019 we have participated in the Desafío Pro Bono (Pro Bono Challenge), an annual contest organized by Chile’s Fundación Pro Bono (Pro Bono Foundation) that gives law students an opportunity to work on real-life cases with the support and resources of major law firms, in order to develop long-term, replicable solutions to important social issues.

A team of our lawyers are working with Athiara Cristino and Mauricio Henríquez, students at the Universidad Andrés Bello, in their project to provide legal support to healthcare facilities and their elderly patients who have been discharged from the hospital but who have no home or family to return to. The project will be carried out principally at the San José de Maipo Hospital, and the aim is to create a formal protocol that can be replicated in other healthcare establishments.
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Open Street map Chile Foundation

Creation of a foundation whose purpose is to create a network of urban maps whose original model is from England. Its mission is to promote the capture, storage and to make ​​free geographical data available to all of the community, in ord

Since 2013, a team of associates from Bofill Mir & Alvarez Jana, has been working on the "Hearing Impairment Project" of the Pro Bono Foundation, in partnership with the U.S. "Deaf We Can" organization and the Albagli Zaliasnik law firm, which aims to prepare specific strategies to
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