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At BMAJ we are proud of our dedication to pro bono services. We have been an active member of the Pro Bono Foundation in Chile since it was created, with founding partner Alejandro Álvarez a member of its board of directors. We are also an original subscriber of the Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas signed in 2007, which commits us to increasing year on year the time and resources we dedicate to pro bono matters.

In 2019 we were named “Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year” by the Fundación Pro Bono for our “tremendous compassion, professionalism and proactivity” in the cases our lawyers worked on throughout the year.

Our lawyers provide their time and expertise to those who have difficulty accessing the justice system, as well as non-profit organizations and various groups promoting collective public interest causes. Over the past 10 years, we have supported pro bono clients in matters such as disability rights, medical malpractice, entrepreneurship, educational projects for communities at risk, and people and organizations that have been victims of fraud, among others. In each of these cases, our lawyers act with the same level professionalism and dedication that characterizes BMAJ in the legal market.

Throughout 2019 we participated in the “Desafío Pro Bono” (Pro Bono Challenge), an annual contest organized by Chile’s Fundación Pro Bono that gives law students an opportunity to work on real-life cases with the support and resources of major law firms, in order to develop long-term, replicable solutions to important social issues.
Some cases by the firm

Corporación Crecer Mejor

We provide permanent advice to the Corporación Crecer Mejor, which over the past 30 years has supported girls in situations of vulnerability in Chile. Specifically, we have assisted in employment-related matters, such as the review of internal protocols, regulations, and recruitment processes, as well as ad-hoc advice on the interpretation of applicable regulations, among other matters.
Proyecto Inocentes

BMAJ is currently working on a case of woringful imprisonment derived by the Pro Bono Foundation and part of the “Proyecto Inocentes” program organised by the Foundation and Chile’s Public Criminal Defense Office. Adrián Zarricueta was held in pretrial detention for 80 days accused of an alleged rape, although he was hundreds of kilometers away at the time of the crime. His innocence was eventually proven by a DNA test...
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