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Bofill Mir & Alvarez Jana is a great place to start and develop your career. We have practice groups in the major areas of law. Each of our practice groups is composed of skilled professionals from the top universities in the country, with strong background and knowledge, committed with their work and profession and with an extensive knowledge of the present world, all of which allows us to provide advice of excellence with thoughtful solutions according to the requirements and needs of our customers.
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Consistent with our history, we understand that diversity is main key to the excellence and creativity that we seek and enriches us as law firm. The common denominator of our lawyers is no more that their professionalism, analytical rigor, commitment, creativity, strong ethical standards and the pursuit of excellence in its different forms. Moreover, the comprehensiveness and complexity of the issues we deal with is what motivates us to incorporate foreign lawyers to help us enrich the analysis of our cases.

In Bofill Mir & Alvarez Jana we care to train our lawyers and we give central importance to meritocracy, providing opportunities to develop a career in the law firm with the direct support of our partners and associates. In addition, our attorneys are supported and encouraged to be further developed both in Chile and abroad, for which we have a system of scholarships awarded annually based on periodic evaluations.

We are committed to pro bono work. We are members of the Pro Bono Foundation. All pro bono matters have the same importance as the issues that are paid and our lawyers are encouraged to spend every year of their time to pro bono activities.

We also appreciate the academic activities. Several of our lawyers are professors of undergraduate and graduate in the best universities of the country.

Ultimately, we seek to attract young lawyers of excellence from the best universities in the country that fit in with our vision, share our values and want to develop a career with us.
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