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Summer Internships 2020
January 2nd
Today marks the beginning of our 2020 Summer Internship Program, in which we give law students from various universities the opportunity to gain important professional skills while getting to know our firm, way of working and corporate culture.
La Segunda: Nelson Pizarro’s defense: “The complaint contains many mistakes”
December 28th · La Segunda
The state firm is advised by FerradaNehme, and the former executive president hired Samuel Donoso. Pizarro is also advised by Andrés Jana.
El Mercurio: Nelson Pizarro’s defense responds to Codelco and points out that the auditory would have conflicts of interest
December 28th · El Mercurio
The former president of the mining company is assisted by Samuel Donoso and Andrés Jana.
Clínica de la Mujer
January 14th ·
The Chilean law firm BMAJ counseled Clínica de la Mujer Sanatorio Alemán and their related entities, one of the principal corporate groups dedicated to the health sector in the south of Chile, in the syndicated loan operation.
Chacao Bridge: MOP takes out the heavy artillery to face the conflict with Hyundai and hires specialist in arbitration before ICSD
January 5th · El Mercurio
Minister Moreno has hired Andrés Jana, partner at Bofill Mir & Alvarez Jana, as an external legal advisor.
La Tercera: “I’ve been treated as a criminal”: Nelson Pizarro discharges after Codelco’s complaint
December 27th · La Tercera
The former executive president of Codelco signed the criminal lawyer Samuel Donoso to defend himself against the onslaught of the state’s cuprera against him. This after a few days ago the mining company –which came out on September 1- file a complaint fot the alleged crime of influence peddling, pointing to the historical director. In the legal strategy, Pizaroo is also advised by Bofill Mir & Álvarez Jana.
El Mercurio: “The legal, financial and tax groups behind the deal that sealed Verónica’s Calderón departure from Ripley’s control agreement’’
December 23rd · El Mercurio
“The engineering of the details of the agreement were made by Octavio Bofill on behalf of the Calderón brothers, and Salvador Valdés, from Carey on behalf of Verónica Calderón”.
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